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            Our Lady of Peace School is a cathedral school founded in 1972 by Msgr. Vicente Fernandez who invited the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres to administer the school. 

            Through the years of its experience, Our Lady of Peace School has taken to itself the spiritual, moral, social, intellectual and emotional development of its clientele, the student. 

            The thirty-five years of existence is a concrete proof of its commitment to service and involvement in the growth and development of the youth of Antipolo.


1973   -           First graduation of Kindergarten with 47 graduates


1974   -           Primary grades were opened


1975   -           Intermediate grades were offered


1976 -             Elementary Department was given recognition by DECS, first graduation in the Elementary Dept.,

                       1st year of the four-year high school course was opened.


1980   -           The school held its first high school graduation with 50 graduates


1983   -           The first batch of Kinder pupils graduated in High School


1985   -           The High School Department was granted full Government recognition


1989 - 93 -     High School Department was recognized by the DECS as one of the

                      250 top performing schools in the Philippines ranking 106th.


1991   -         Construction of a three-story building as a part of the expansion of

                     the school brought about by the demand to accept more and more

                     Students due to the influx of residents from the city to the

                     Subdivisions of Antipolo.


1992   -         The newly-constructed building was inaugurated and was occupied

                      by the Grade School pupils

            -        Our Lady of Peace School’s 20th Foundation Anniversary



1994   -           March, Construction of the High School Annex

            -           Sr. Aida Bautista was the School Head/Principal


            -           June,  Completion and blessing of the High School Annex


1996   -           Acquisition of the 2.7 hectares of land as expansion site of OLPS in

                        Bo. San Luis, Antipolo


1997    -          OLPS  celebrated its Silver Jubilee Foundation Anniversary

            -           Sr. Cecilia Sto. Tomas, SPC was the School Head/Principal and the

                        Rainbow Program was introduced


1998   -           Construction of the New High School Building


            -           Sr. Dedicacion Rosario, SPC was the HS Principal and Sr. Yolanda Orpilla, 

                        SPC was the GS Principal


1999   -           Inauguration of the New High School Building


2002-2003 -   Sr. Carmen Cua, SPC was the School Head/Principal and Sr. Edna Lopez

                        was the Assistant to the Principal assigned in the Grade School



2003   -           OLPS celebrated its 30th Foundation Anniversary


          -            Sr. Josefa Lasala became the Grade School Principal


-        Bishop Crisostomo Yalung became the newly Bishop of Antipolo and OLPS School Director


2003-2004 -    Drafting and launching of OLPS’ strategic paths / directions and from that year onwards,

                       the development of the institutional priorities namely, the Academic Formation,

                       the Christian Formation and Formation in Social Responsibility


-       Bishop Gabriel Reyes, D.D. became the Bishop of Antipolo and OLPS     School Director


           -            Sr. Felicitas Bernardo, SPC was the School Head/Principal and Sr. Jean      

                        Asok was the Registrar and later became the Christian Formation Head


            -           Launching of the Flagship Programs:     Reading and Math


2004-2005 -     OLPS opened the extension in Tawid-Tawid with Kinders 1 & 2


-          Creation of the Reading Learning Center


2005-2006 -   Tawid-Tawid Extension offered Grade 1


-              Passed the certification of PEAC-FAPE


-              English and Science Learning Centers were created as well as the

            Research Center / Internet Laboratory


-           Major renovations were done leading to the creation of the Marian

            Hall, the Kinder Playground and the expansion of the Canteen and

            the Library


2006   -           Opening of the Adult Non-formal education in Tawid-Tawid


2006-2007 -   Tawid-Tawid Extension offered Grade 2


            -           Math Learning Center and two (2) Speech Laboratories were



2007-2008 -   Grade 3 was offered in Tawid-Tawid


            -           CLE Center was created


            -           OLPS opened the San Luis Campus (Pope John Paul II Minor



2008-2009 –    Launching of the RCC-WBLS program


-       Renovation of the canteen and the  Library, creation of Robotics  

                        Lab and additional Learning Centers for Math and Science


-         Robotics Laboratory was constructed and Robotics Club was organized


-         Acquisition of 10 units of interactive boards for Kinder, Grade 1

                        classrooms, Math and Science Learning Centers.


          -             Passing the re-certification of PEAC-FAPE with an average score of 3.95.

          -             39 Faculty members graduated with Master of Arts degree in St. Paul University Surigao (SPU-Surigao)

          -             Grade 4 was offered in Tawid-Tawid(OLPS Extension)


2009  -            June- Application for PAASCU Accreditation was made and preliminary   

                        survey was scheduled on October 3, 2009


-         Launching of the RCC-WBLS Activity Books (Telling and Re-telling 

                        the Story of Jesus)

-         Acquisition of the lot at the back of the cathedral


-         October 3 - Consultancy Visit of PAASCU prior to Preliminary Survey


-         Rooms and offices were furnished with technology (DLP, Speakers, and Interactive Boards) and Airconditioned unit


-         Implementation of the RCC-WBLS (Religion as the Core of the Curriculum-Whole Brain Learning System as the strategy) authored by selected faculty members


-         Construction of the new building: Gymnasium, Marian Hall and 10 additional Classrooms


2010   -           The newly constructed building was occupied


           -            August 2-3 – Preliminary Survey Visit of PAASCU


           -            December 13 – Granting of Candidate Status to OLPS by the PAASCU


2011   -           Opening of Grade 4 at Tawid-Tawid (OLPS Extension) for S.Y. 2011-2012


-         School Head- Sr. Marie Celine Santos, SPC, Sr. Carmen Cua as the Christian Formation Head and External Affairs Officer


July 29-          Visit of Janie and Nancy Smith, ASDC CADRE, USA


-         Center for Integral Evangelization in MAPSA was changed to Christian

                        Formation Center


-         August 15 – Consultancy Visit of PAASCU prior to Formal Survey


2012  -            Construction of additional classroom in Tawid-Tawid Extension school


-              Oct.23-26 - 40th Founding Celebration of OLPS with the theme: 40 Years in Priming Great Leaders and in Sharing Christ’s Mission


-              March 12-  11 Faculty members graduated Doctor of Philosopy and 1 Master of Arts in St. Paul University-Surigao (SPUS)


-              External Affairs office was created


-              Re-organization of Alumni Association


-              Implementation of K to 12 programs


-              Grade 5 was offered in Tawid-Tawid (OLPS Extension)


2013-              August-PAASCU Visitation and Evaluation


-              Nov. 23-Granted Level I Status by Philippine Accrediting Association of schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU)


Our Lady of Peace School of Antipolo City is a Cathedral Catholic School which is administered by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres. Our lady of Peace School shares in the mission of the Church to proclaim Jesus Christ as the Good News to all. Under the Patronage of Our Lady of Peace and St. Paul, the school envisions to educate and form Christ-centered persons who are intellectually excellent and competent, socially responsible, morally upright and spiritually mature.



          Guided by our vision, we commit ourselves to:

  1. Strengthen our academic curriculum and co-curricular programs;
  1. Integrate Christian values in all subject areas and permeate all systems and procedures with gospel values;
  1. Participate actively in the community, parish, and cause-oriented activities/projects;
  1. Form mature Christian conscience that will lead to sound decision-making;
  1. Live and proclaim the faith in view of our ultimate destiny union with GOD.



          Our Lady of Peace School is a School that commits itself to Catholic education as an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus Christ to the Church He founded. OLPS aligns its objectives to the education mission of the church, to prepare its members to proclaim the Good News and to translate this proclamation into action.

          The educational mission of the church is an integral ministry embracing three interlocking dimensions: first, the proclamation of the Word of God; second, fellowship in the life of the Holy Spirit; and third, service to the Christian community and the rest of the human community with a preferential option for the poor. (Doc. In Education, Manila, 1979)

          Education involves the integration of the individual’s thinking, values, emotions, outlook, habits and experiences so that this becomes apparent in the individual’s behavior and life style.

          The formation of the human person is first and fundamentally an orientation to his ultimate destiny and simultaneously to the good of those societies of which he is a responsible member. (Gravissimum Educationis, Vatican II)

          As a Filipino School, we strive to promote genuine nationalism, to build a Christian community, to respect human dignity to integrate kingdom values - truth, freedom, love, justice and peace, in the total formation of Filipino men and women for the development of the Philippine society.



            A CHRISTIAN who has adequate understanding and knowledge of the teachings of Christ and who shares in the salvific mission through the use of his potentials.

            A PERSON who believes in the dignity of self and others, who strives to discover and develop his talents to the full for the service of God and man.

            A SELF-DIRECTED FILIPINO who is proud of his national identity and culture; who is committed to human development for Christian community and nation building, and who participates actively in rendering service to others especially the most deprived in the community.

            A HUMAN BEING whose spiritual, academic, moral and cultural values acquired in his adolescent years are integrated and used to fulfill his responsibility in the home and community.

            A MAN, WOMAN, academically prepared, professionally competent, disciplined, imbued with moral and spiritual strength, with a value system that enables him to make responsible decisions at work, at leisure, thereby contributing to the spiritual, moral, social, cultural development of his family, his profession and community.



Our school motto is “Where love and charity prevail, peace reigns”. The charity of Christ and the guidance of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage served as inspiration for us to witness for peace.

(The school seal was improved specifically on the wheat that was attached to the beak of the dove.)



The School Seal


          The letters AM in the center means Ave Maria. The dove in the middle symbolizes peace, the wheat means life and progress. The top outer view represents the crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The color blue is the color of the Virgin Mary and white is for purity.